Illustration: 'Fyr' ('Lighthouse') by https://twitter.com/@emzalsa (Else-Marie Soderqvist, Sweden)

October 2016: This is a brand new web site, only serving as a point of contact right now. Content coming soon, and can also be found separately on my other sites. See links in the sidebar.

I am a Scandinavian Entrepreneur / Minipreneur.

My current focus:

  • My MOMOC concept of the 12 C's (ref. www.momoc.info), and related services.
  • Online Identities Management / "Personal Reputation Management" (incl. "one-to-many" communication, which is part of the MOMOC concept)
  • Information Overload, including my [unfinished.public.draft] explorations (see personal project invitation on my Leeteq.com tech blog)
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence, or rather #F4IA (¤)